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Getting Started

Get started with Kf as an app runtime.

1 - Getting Started Overview

With Kf, you can migrate your Cloud Foundry apps to Kubernetes without changing your developer workflows.

Use the following sections to get started deploying Cloud Foundry apps to Kf.

Get started with a quickstart

Use the quickstart to install Kf and deploy a simple test Cloud Foundry app. This introduces you to the basic steps you’d perform for most app deployments.

Get an introduction to key concepts

For an introduction to the value of Kf, as well as high-level overviews of the technology, see the following documents:

2 - Quickstart

In this quickstart, you will deploy a sample Cloud Foundry app on an existing Kf cluster.

Push an application


The following are required to complete this section:

  1. The kf CLI installed and in your path.

  2. You have connected to the Kf Kubernetes cluster:

    gcloud container clusters get-credentials CLUSTER_NAME \
        --project=CLUSTER_PROJECT_ID \
  3. The git CLI installed and in your path.

Prepare space

  1. Create new space:

    kf create-space test-space
  2. Target the space:

    kf target -s test-space

Push the Cloud Foundry test app

  1. Clone the test-app repo.

    git clone go-test-app
    cd go-test-app
  2. Push the app.

    kf push test-app
  3. Get the application’s URL.

    kf apps
  4. Open the URL in your browser where you should see the app running.

    Successful app push on Kf

Clean up

These steps should return the cluster to the starting state.

  1. Delete the application.

    kf delete test-app
  2. Delete the Space.

    kf delete-space test-space

3 - Compare Cloud Foundry and Kf services

This document provides a side-by-side comparison of the various services available on Cloud Foundry (CF) and those that Kf integrates with on Google Cloud.

Service categoryServiceCFKf
PlatformInfrastructure OrchestratorBOSHKubernetes
PaaSCF Application Runtime (CFAR)Kf
Data managementService BrokerService Broker TileKubernetes Deployed Service Brokers
MySQLMySQL TileKf Cloud Service Broker
MongoDBMongoDB TileKf Cloud Service Broker
RabbitMQRabbitMQ TileKf Cloud Service Broker
RedisRedis TileKf Cloud Service Broker
EurekaSpring Cloud Services TileService Discovery
Spring Cloud ConfigSpring Cloud Services TileSpring Cloud Config
Operations toolingContinuous Integration (CI)Concourse TileConcourse Helm Chart
LoggingGoogle CloudGoogle Cloud Firehose NozzleGoogle Cloud Logging Kubernetes Agent
ElasticElastic Firehose NozzleElastic Stack Agent
SplunkSplunk Firehose NozzleSplunk Connect
MetricsCF App MetricsGoogle Cloud Monitoring Kubernetes AGent